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Daryl Braithwaite

b. 1949

Daryl Braithwaite (b. 1949) finished an apprenticeship as a fitter and turner in 1969, and joined Sherbet shortly afterward. Braithwaite was the lead singer of the band, and was voted King of Pop in 1975, 1976 and 1977. In 1973 he won the lead role in the stage production Tommy, performing alongside The Who's Keith Moon. Sherbet enjoyed enormous success until the late 70s, but as the 80s wore on, Braithwaite's career stalled. In 1986 he tried his luck with a ten piece outfit called Missing in Action, but the band rapidly folded and he worked for a short time as a labourer for the Bulla Shire Council. After faring better in a caberet-style duo named Oscar Likes It, he made a remarkable comeback in 1989, when he released the multi platinum winning solo album The Edge. His subsequent album, Rise (1990) was also hugely successful.

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