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Maude Rose ‘Lores’ Bonney MBE AM born #otd had her first flying lessons in secret while her husband was off playing golf. When she admitted to her new interest, he bought her a bespoke suede flying suit and a de Havilland Gypsy Moth which she named ‘My Little Ship’. In this aircraft she set a new distance record for women, flying from Brisbane to Wangaratta in 1931. In 1932 she became the first woman to circumnavigate Australia by air, and in 1933 she became the first woman to fly solo from Australia to England. In 1937 she flew a Klemm aircraft, My Little Ship II, to South Africa. My Little Ship II was destroyed by fire in 1939. She gave up flying shortly afterwards – having been advised by the armed forces that women pilots were of no use during war – and in later years devoted her time to gardening and bonsai. . . . Check out the @Google page today! . . . Mrs Bonney flying from Australia to South Africa via Siam. Singapore 1937 (in her aeroplane, "My Little Ship II) by an unknown artist. . . . #TinyTreesAreCool #ButDontSquashYourDreams #MyLIttleShipII #PortraitAu #NationalPortraitGallery #NPG

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