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Copyright image request form

Search the site for the portrait/s you are interested in and follow the 'Copyright and image request form' link on the right to add it to the list at the bottom of this page.

Availability of images online

The National Portrait Gallery aims to make images of all our portraits available online, however some are unavailable due to copyright restrictions or because we are yet to digitise them.

Using images from the collection

We have an extensive collection of portraits. Images of artworks on this website may be used for private research and study and other related exceptions as defined by section 40 of the Copyright Act 1968 (as amended) without applying for specific permission. All other uses of the content of this site require Gallery permission and (where applicable) permission of the copyright owner.

Image reproduction service

The Gallery supplies photographic materials of works in the collection for a range of uses. To order images of works of art in the collection for reproduction purposes, please complete the Copyright and image request form.


In most cases permission will need to be sought from the copyright holder. Any copyright fees requested by copyright holders are the responsibility of the applicant, and are additional to the Gallery’s reproduction fees. If the image is in copyright and the contact details for the artist/copyright holder/copyright manager are in the public domain, it is the responsibility of the publisher to seek permission and provide written evidence (email is acceptable) to the National Portrait Gallery for our records.

Terms and conditions of supply

The image/s must not be cropped or altered in any way, and no text overlaid. If your preferred design incorporates any alterations or overwriting, a proof must be submitted to the Rights and Permissions officer for approval before publication.

Permission for reproduction is supplied for non-exclusive single use for inclusion in the agreed publication. The image may not be reproduced for any other purpose unless permission is explicitly granted by the National Portrait Gallery.

The image must not be stored in any manner after the agreed use.

All images must be correctly captioned.

List of selected images

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