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Portraits from prime time

Saturday 22 March until Monday 9 June 2014

This exhibition goes behind-the-scenes and into the spotlight with professional photographers and the stars of Australian television, music and comedy.

Ryder Jack Susman in a Williamstown hairdresser by Abigail Varney
Ryder Jack Susman in a Williamstown hairdresser by Abigail Varney

PROMO: Portraits from prime time takes you behind-the-scenes and into the spotlight of the entertainment industry. Contemporary photographic portraiture shapes how we see the most recognisable Australians – comedians, musicians, presenters and actors. These images are usually absorbed in the split second between a page turn or a mouse click. Their creators reflect on the intense energy that generates an effortless and instantly satisfying portrait.

The eight photographers represent diverse styles, specialities and career paths. Abigail Varney is starting out with her photographs of up-and-coming comedians, musicians and actors in Melbourne. Peter Brew-Bevan and Martin Philbey each have twenty years in the industry, like John Tsiavis and Michelle Day, who both started their careers as on-set stills photographers. Julian Kingma began his career as a photographer with the Sunday Age before going freelance. Ben King was a camera assistant on film crews and Giovanni Lovisetto worked as an advertising producer in Europe; both now specialising in on-set stills photography.

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