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Valerie Kirk

Valerie Kirk

Born: 1957, Dumfriesshire, Scotland
Works: Canberra

Artist statement

This body of work focusses on my experience of migration, particularly the move from Scotland to Australia, which is now my home. I constantly move between the two countries, both physically and psychologically. In my work the salmon represents my migration, as I remember the fish swimming upstream to spawn. The crosses represent the movement between places, as well as the Scottish flag, the Saltire or Saint Andrew’s Cross.

I am passionate about woven tapestry, a medium that allows me to combine my love of art and textiles. While leading a textile tour near Ayacucho, Peru, I noticed my shadow over rocks at an archaeological site. It looked as if I was holding a large walking stick, and in that moment I recognised myself as a traveller exploring the world, and not deeply rooted in a particular place. It was the genesis of the work The Traveller; I took a photograph, which I then adapted and re-drew for a tapestry design. I wove the image over six weeks, from bottom to top, building the form with attention to the detail of every mark of weft over warp, and through my deep immersion in the process.

The Ayrshire Slates series arose from a trip to Scotland, where I made studies of a family collection of heirloom textiles – Ayrshire needlework. I was also drawing on pieces of natural slate picked out of the hillside, and salvaged wee ‘peggies’ (roofing slates) from a derelict building, to bring back to Australia. When I experimented and combined the drawings and the slate, I became excited about the incongruous light of the paint on the dark surface; the suggestion of fabric on the hard, brittle material; and the warmth of cloth, cold of slate.

Gouache mixed with water painted on the surface of the slates evokes the white muslin or cotton lawn fabrics used in Ayrshire needlework; it sits like stitches on the surface. The series developed as a reflection on the textile tradition and culture, and it also reminds me of the seasons and natural environment of Scotland.