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Nancy Wake

'The White Mouse'

A portrait story describing the amazing life of World War II resistance fighter, Nancy Wake.

Nancy Wake portrait story
Video: 2 minutes

Narrator: Nancy Wake is to be considered one of the bravest women to fight World War II. After growing up in Australia she left for France to become a journalist, meeting Henri Fiocca, a wealthy businessman, who afforded Nancy all the luxuries of France, though only six months after their marriage war breaks out as Germany invades France.

Keen to get involved, Nancy becomes an ambulance driver, carrying injured soldiers back from the front, becoming a member of the French Resistance and helping Allied soldiers and airmen to escape capture. She became one of the Gestapo’s most wanted, who code-named her The White Mouse on account of her being so elusive.

Escaping to England, she was trained as a professional spy and airdropped back into France, where she distributed weapons amongst the Resistance fighters hiding in the mountains. Also trained for combat, Nancy took part in many risky sabotage raids, and her heroic actions have attracted much official recognition and awards.

But it is the hundreds she helped to escape, and those she fought beside, who have more reason than anyone to celebrate the courage of the woman they call The White Mouse.

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