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Bee Miles


An exploration of Bee Miles' defining characteristic.

Bee Miles portrait story
Video: 2 minutes

The National Portrait Gallery would like to thank all the participants for their assistance with this project.

Bee Miles portrait story transcript

Female Speaker: Out of the usual, odd, a little bit wacky.

Male Speaker: Really peculiar. Something that’s not common.

Male Speaker: Bit twisted. Out of the ordinary.

Female Speaker: Maybe they like to wear eclectic clothing.

Male Speaker: A rich person’s version of crazy.

Female Speaker: A little left of the centre.

Male Speaker: A little odd. Different.

Female Speaker: It means like, old-fashioned.

Female Speaker: It’s big, it’s great. I think that’s it?

Female Speaker: No. That’s not what eccentric means (laughs).

Male Speaker: Someone who’s got, like, a strange character to them.

Interviewer: What does eccentric mean?

Male Speaker: Eccentric? Me.


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