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Aldo Giurgola

by Mandy Martin

Aldo Giurgola by Mandy Martin
Video: 2 minutes

Romaldo Giurgola talks about his portrait and the relationship between architecture and landscape.

This video was produced with funds donated by Tim Fairfax AC.

Romaldo Giurgola: I started in Rome, Italy where I was born, but when I was thirty years old I went to the States. In the States I started to make a little, got a degree and everything. I had a partnership for a studio of architecture. We worked for more than thirty years together.

Architecture I consider an art. I am particularly interested in the relationship between architecture and landscape. I was asked a question that involved something that is outside, interpreting the environment outside.

I knew the painter very well. We've known each other for years. She did a beautiful painting of the parliament. She interpreted really well what I could feel. She acted with colours, giving structure to the painting, because they are not just the natural colours, but because they are created by an impression with place, between the inside and the outside. The inside is fragmented from the colour of the sky and the trees and so forth. The inside is there, with the same connection, but different.

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