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Rachel Griffiths

b. 1968

Rachel Griffiths (b. 1968) studied education at Victoria College before working with the community theatre group Woolly Jumpers, Inc. Her early short film Barbie Gets Hip attracted attention at the 1991 Melbourne Film Festival, and she made appearances in such TV shows as Jimeoin before her feisty Rhonda in Muriel's Wedding (1994) won her international acclaim and an AFI award for best supporting actress. In the years since she has made films in Britain - including Jude (1995) and Hilary and Jackie (1998), for which she earned a supporting actress Oscar nomination - and Hollywood - including My Best Friend's Wedding (1997) and Blow (2001), in which she was Johnny Depp's mother - while continuing to appear in such Australian films as Me Myself I (1999) and The Hard Word (2002). In 2001 she won a Golden Globe for her performance as the troubled Brenda Chenowith in the U.S. TV series Six Feet Under (2001-present); she was nominated for a second in 2003.

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