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Nick Seymour

b. 1958

Nick Seymour (b. 1958), bass guitarist, grew up playing music with his brother and sisters. After five years at art school in Melbourne he began to play in local bands including Plays with Marionettes, Bang and Horla. In 1985, hearing that former members of Split Enz were seeking a bass player for a new band, he volunteered. The resulting lineup became Crowded House, one of Australia's most successful bands both locally and overseas (in 1992 they were named Best International Group at the UK music awards, the BRITS, beating Pearl Jam, Nirvana, REM and U2). Crowded House enjoyed a string of hits before playing their final concert, on the steps of the Sydney Opera House before an estimated crowd of 150 000, in November 1996. Recurring Dream - The Very Best of Crowded house, issued in June that year, debuted at number one on both the Australian and UK charts, and had sold a million copies by the beginning of 1997. As well as playing in the band, Nick Seymour produced the distinctive artwork for their album covers and their costumes and stage sets. He has lived in Ireland for some years, where he has produced a number of successful bands and artists including Natalie Imbruglia.

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