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Mark Strizic

1928 – 2012

Mark Strizic was born in Berlin in 1928 and migrated to Australia via Croatia in 1950. His early interests were in painting and science, but in 1957 he took up photography as a career. Just 10 years later he exhibited a collection of photographic portraits titled Some Australian Personalities at the National Gallery of Victoria. The first photographic artist to be given a solo exhibition at the NGV, he was also the first photographer to be acquired by the fledgling National Gallery of Australia, in March 1973. During this period, Strizic's interest in art and architecture led to close associations with leading figures from both professions. His collaboration with painter Clifton Pugh on the book Involvement (1968) furnished an important snapshot of the creative talents and personalities of Australia of that time. Two years later he collaborated with architect Robin Boyd on the book Living in Australia. Over the past thirty years he has undertaken industrial, advertising, architectural and portrait photography, with commissions for government, companies, and private individuals as well as the United Nations. Mark Strizic: A Journey in Photography, a retrospective exhibition organised by Monash Gallery of Art showcasing 50 years of Mark Strizic's work across a wide range of photographic fields including urban, industrial, commercial, and architectural photography was exhibited at the NPG at Old Parliament House from September to November 2004.

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