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Margaret Fulton OAM

1924 – 2019

Margaret Fulton (1925-2019), a major figure in developing Australia's appreciation of food, was instrumental in teaching generations of people to cook. She began writing the food pages in womens' magazines in the early 1950s. Her first of a plethora of cookbooks, The Margaret Fulton Cookbook, was published in 1968. It sold more than a million copies and remains a staple in many kitchens around the country. Her sensible and practical approach to food is the key to her popularity. In 1999 she published I Sang for my Supper. Part memoir, part social history, the book documents her life and the changing social and cultural scene in Australia since the 1920s. Fulton has been honoured with many awards including an OAM in 1983.

Updated 2019
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