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Headspace 3

Being Me

Saturday 7 September until Sunday 10 November 2002

The self-portrait enables students to explore emerging and changing aspects of their own identity, their sense of self, their place in the world, their experience of being human. This exhibition of secondary student portrait art is an important way for students to assimilate their own ideas about self-identity and art making processes. In Being Me: Headspace IIII emphasis is placed on the process of realising ideas through experimentation with materials.

The Joy Of Life, 2002 by Janelle McKay
The Joy Of Life, 2002 by Janelle McKay

The National Portrait Gallery's third exhibition of secondary student art will feature 170 self-portraits by Year 7-12 students from Canberra and the surrounding regions. Works range across media - mixed media, painting, collage, sculpture, wearable art, drawing, photography, print-making, video, and paintings.