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Headspace 2

Sunday 23 September until Sunday 25 November 2001

A dynamic young people's art exhibition, Hearts/Heads: Headspace II explored portraiture, produced by students from year 7 to year 12. Last year Headspace I proved enormously popular. This year 750 entries were received, from which 163 were drawn for exhibition. Entries come from 67 schools in the Canberra and surrounding regions.

"The National Portrait Gallery is delighted to bring student art to the wider community" says Andrew Sayers, Director of the Gallery.

The exhibits comprehensively explore the capacity of portraiture to visually communicate feelings and emotions. "The exhibition proves the case that the expressive possibilities of portraits are limited only by the imagination of those who produce, interpret, and experience them", says Sayers.

The Hearts/Heads: Headspace II project is developed collaboratively with art educators in schools of the Canberra region.