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Fuzzy Prime Ministers of Australia

Friday 3 August until Sunday 9 September 2001

In the one hundred years since Federation, Australia has produced twenty-five Prime Ministers of all shapes, shades and sizes.

With an earnest desire to address Australia's lack of interest in its political history, Martin Wilson has created 25 hooked wool rugs of our Prime Ministers. Simultaneously respectful and irreverent, these images with their cartoon outlines have a child-like quality and appeal, but are clearly identifiable as serious portraits. Wilson believes that this portrait series has the potential to 'unite the country like no other rugs have before'.

"These are serious works of art by a serious artist, but one who, in addition to an original mind and a considerable talent, has a highly developed sense of humour, a feeling for gentle satire and an endearing larrikin quality.Wilson manages to make his pollies something they rarely are in life - warm and cuddly."

Leo Schofield
Director Sydney Festival 2001.