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New portrait acquisitions and commissions by John Webber (attributed)

New portrait acquisitions and commissions

Portraits are at the heart of all the Gallery’s activities. The National Portrait Gallery brings visitors face to face with exceptional Australians and their remarkable stories across time, place and circumstance. Supporting the acquisition of new works and building the National Portrait Gallery Collection will guarantee a legacy for future generations and bring to light notable individuals who have made significant contributions to Australia.

We invite you to consider supporting:


Embracing a diversity of media and a fresh approach towards portraiture, commissions are driven by the desire to represent outstanding and unique Australians of the present. They are recognised as an essential component in the development of a nationally significant, contemporary portrait collection.


Portrait purchases

The Gallery is committed to the strategic shaping of a dynamic and innovative collection, and actively seeks portraits for acquisition. Support provides vital funds to allow the Gallery to seize opportunities at short notice when important portraits come onto the market.


Portrait gifts

The Gallery’s collection has been enriched through the generosity of donors who have given some magnificent portrait gifts. Amongst others, two key principles guide the selection of portraits for the collection: first, the subject should be a distinguished Australian, or should have made a substantial contribution to Australian life. Secondly, the subject must be either important in his or her field of endeavour, or a known and named person whose life sets him or her apart as an individual of long-term public interest. Portrait donors may also be eligible for tax benefits under the Federal Government’s Cultural Gifts Program. For more information, please visit