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Reg Richardson AM, 2014 by Mitch Cairns
Reg Richardson AM, 2014 by Mitch Cairns

The Gallery thanks you for your donations towards the acquisition of this acclaimed portrait of Reg Richardson AM, by Mitch Cairns. A finalist in the Archibald Prize 2014, and a great example of minimalist portraiture.

We would be grateful for any support you may like to provide toward the acquisition of future works.

In 2007, Reg Richardson was made a Member of the Order of Australia for service to the visual arts as a supporter, patron and collector, and to the community through a range of social welfare and medical research organisations. Now, Richardson’s passion is encouraging well-to-do Australians to make charitable contributions; his own contributions combine with those he has coaxed from others to comprise some $120 million for the public good.

The artist, Mitch Cairns, was a finalist in the Archibald in 2013, 2014 and 2015; he was named runner-up in 2014 and 2015, with this portrait of Richardson and a portrait of Peter Powditch. Cairns’s curriculum vitae explains

His painting is neither tough nor trivial … Cairns uses paint to point out how lived experience is quickly regurgitated as idiomatic expression.

Supporters 2015-16

Professor Peter Bailey AM OBE
Janet Bamford
Maria Bendall
Virginia Berger
Robert Blacklow
Keith Bradley
Mary Brennan
Christine Clark
Sam Cullen AM
Marlene Danza
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Philip Flood AO & Carole Flood
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Ross Gough
Diana O’Neil
Dr Anthony Nicholls
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Susan Sutton
Janet Neustein
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Richard Forster & Carolyn Forster
Reg Richardson AM
Paddy & Karen Costanzo
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Trevor Rice
Dr Penny Johnson & Professor Nicholas Evans
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