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Charles Teo

by Adam Chang

Charles Teo
Video: 1 minute

Dr Charles Teo, high-profile neurosurgeon, describes how it felt to sit for the portrait by Adam Chang.

Video credits: music by Music by Chris Zabriskie.

I've had my portrait painted for the Archibald Prize several times - it's never been hung. So I've done it before. And I do realise that artists can paint off a sitting, or can paint off a photo, but Adam did both. It took about 4 hours the first time where I sat for a while, he did a few sketches and then he took 400 photos as well. I sat another time for an hour or so, and again I didn't find it difficult actually because I don't get much time to actually sit and do nothing, and so I found that I was sitting there thinking about all sorts of things and enjoying the time of just doing nothing except sitting there. It was nice.