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Mr Keating, former Labor Minister
, 1975

by Frank Hinder

fibre- tipped pen on paper (sheet: 26.1 cm x 23.2 cm)

The National Portrait Gallery has 18 portraits by Frank Hinder. Nine came into the collection in unusual circumstances in 2019. A group of Hinder’s drawings in the collection of the Home of the Arts, Gold Coast (HOTA) had been deemed excess to contemporary requirements by that Gallery’s director. They had been gifts of Patrick Corrigan AM, a tremendous benefactor of many Australian artists and galleries and a board member of, and donor to, the National Portrait Gallery. The National Portrait Gallery’s curators having chosen appropriate works from the group, Patrick Corrigan expressed his support for their de-accession from HOTA and their subsequent acquisition by the National Portrait Gallery.

Frank Hinder’s drawing is the National Portrait Gallery’s only representation of Australia’s 24th prime minister. Its title refers to the fact that the 31-year-old Keating gained his first ministry when made minister for Northern Australia on 21 October 1975; but lost the job with the Dismissal three weeks later.

Collection: National Portrait Gallery
Gift of HOTA (Home of the Arts), Gold Coast 2019 with the encouragement of Patrick Corrigan AM
Accession number: 2019.12