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Johnny Warren OAM MBE
, 2008

by Natasha Gadd and Rhys Graham

digital video, colour, sound, duration 2 minutes, 50 seconds

Speaker 1: Keep him not too far in front, no too far in front. Come on, keep him coming, keep him coming. Little ones.
Speaker 2: Kick it. Get him.
Speaker 3: I started as a five year old at Botany in the protestant churches competition.
Speaker 1: Take him. Take him, it's still yours. [crosstalk 00:00:23]
Speaker 3: Two brothers started, and being like all young brothers I tagged along and ended up playing soccer.
Speaker 4: St. George, after winning the Empire Cup pre-season competition looked the team to beat earlier this year.
Speaker 3: I played first grade career with Canterbury when I was 15, and I changed to St. George Budapest when I was 19.
Speaker 4: St. George begins an amazing comeback, answering every demand by skipper Johnny Warren with positive action. With St. George Budapest back in the game, it's 2 - 1 at halftime.
The Australian team out there in the middle in their Gold and Green strip. Vojtek, Walsh, Abonyi, Marnoch, Ackerley, and Johnny Warren, the Australian captain.
Speaker 3: If we are to compete and compete successfully, we have to put a lot more time, a lot more effort, and a lot more preparation into such competitions.
Speaker 5: Australia are under attack now through Johnny Warren, number 10. 65 minutes coming up, and the crowd still hopeful of an Australian victory. Again Warren on the left with a tremendous shot, and [Visiga 00:01:36] brought into action yet again. A very disappointed Australia.
Speaker 6: Skirmish there between players on both sides.
Speaker 3: I think we've got to learn by the mistakes that we've made.
Speaker 6: [Duran 00:01:47] having a kick at Warren on the ground.
Speaker 7: When this great sporting nation who has yet to embrace fully the world's greatest game.
Speaker 8: Warren will take it himself.
Speaker 7: For so long of trying to have the game accepted.
Speaker 3: When I'm up in the big football field in the sky, I just want people to remember, I told you so.
Speaker 5: Seven minutes into extra time. Warren [inaudible 00:02:12]. He's beating him with speed, and it's a goal for Johnny Warren, a great goal, and Warren collapses on the ground inside the penalty box. I don't think he's probably scored a finer goal than that in the whole of his career. A great goal for John Warren, beating [Anon Norick 00:02:30] in a race for the ball.
Collection: National Portrait Gallery, Canberra
Purchased 2011
Accession number: 2011.20