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William Daniell

1769 – 1837

William Daniell (1769-1837) worked mostly as a topographical draftsman and engraver in aquatint. Daniell entered the Royal Academy schools in 1799, the same year as Willaim Westall; he was elected an Associate in 1807 and, unlike Westall, a full academician in 1822. Daniell was originally offered the job of official artist on the Investigator; having accepted, he withdrew from the expedition, and Westall was appointed. In 1802, Daniell began his many years translating George Dance's series of half-length portraits of 'eminent characters' into soft ground etching. In 1814 a number of these were selected for publication in two volumes, with a preface by Dance. His other works include Oriental Scenery (1795-1808).

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