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Rudy Komon

1908 – 1982

Rudy Komon (1908-1982) was an art dealer and gallery director. After working as a journalist in Czechoslovakia, where he served with the Czech resistance during the war, he emigrated to Sydney and opened an antique store. In 1958 he converted a former wine shop in Woollahra into an art gallery. His instinct for European marketing techniques was a revelation and a gift to Australian artists. Through promoting their work, he significantly influenced the careers of several generations of painters, including John Brack, Jon Molvig, John Olsen, Fred Williams, William Dobell, Russell Drysdale, Sydney Nolan, Arthur Boyd and Brett Whiteley. A generous benefactor to art institutions, Komon was also a legendary entertainer, and a serious connoisseur of Australian wines. The Rudy Komon Memorial Perpetual Trophy is awarded annually at the Sydney Royal Wine Show.

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