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Ron Grainer

1922 – 1981

Ron Grainer (1922-1981), was a composer for television and film. In 1962 he wrote the music from which the theme to the Steptoe and Son series was taken. The following year he was asked to provide the opening music for a new children's science fiction series entitled Doctor Who. Grainer's theme, written to complement the title graphics with electronic audio effects including 'wind clouds' 'wind bubble' and 'swoops', was still being used 25 years later when the last series was produced. Amongst connoisseurs of television themes Grainer is equally renowned for the atmospheric music for the opening and closing credits of the 'Prisoner' series, starring Patrick McGoohan. His film credits include the scores for To Sir With Love (1967) and the Charlton Heston cult classic The Omega Man (1971).

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