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Raimond Gaita

b. 1946

Raimond Gaita (b. 1946) arrived in Australia in 1950 with his Romanian father and German mother, and was brought up largely by his father near Barninghup, Victoria. After completing his MA at the University of Melbourne, he went to England to gain his PhD at Leeds. Foundation Professor of Philosophy at the Australian Catholic University, for many years he divided his year between Melbourne and London, where he was Professor of Moral Philosophy at King's College. Gaita's main research interests and publications have been in ethics, but he has also worked and written on scepticism, on the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of psychology, and on aspects of political philosophy and education. In 2011 he became a Professorial Fellow of Melbourne University’s Law School and Faculty of Arts. His publications include the award-winning memoir 'Romulus, My Father' (1988), and a volume of biographical reflection, 'After Romulus' (2011). He has written and edited numerous titles on ethics and moral philosophy including 'Good and Evil: An Absolute Conception' (1991, 2004), 'A Common Humanity: Thinking about Love & Truth & Justice' (1999); 'The Philosopher’s Dog' (2002); 'Breach of Trust: Truth, Morality and Politics' (2004); 'Thinking about Torture' (2008); and 'Muslims and Multiculturalism' (2011).

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