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Mungo MacCallum

b. 1941

Mungo McCallum (b. 1941) is one of Australia's best-known political journalists. The great-grandson of Sir William Wentworth, the left-leaning McCallum was once described by Gough Whitlam as the 'lunatic son of the Australian political aristocracy'. McCallum emerged as one of the most colourful and astute members of the Canberra press gallery during the tumultuous years of the Gorton, Whitlam and Fraser governments. He has written for most major publications including The National Review, The National Times, The Australian and The Sydney Morning Herald. Mungo: the man who laughs (2001) is his autobiographical account of Australian politics in the post-Holt years, and his How To Be A Megalomaniac, an instructional guide for aspiring politicians, appeared in 2002. During the late 1970s and 80s members of the press gallery had a regular outing against politicians, but as a rule they both fielded very ordinary cricket sides.

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