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Keith Alexander Laught

1907 – 1969

Keith Alexander Laught (1907 - 1969), politician, was born in Adelaide and educated at Scotch College and then the University of Adelaide, becoming a barrister in 1929. Seven years after he completed his war service, in 1951, he was elected to the Australian Senate as a Liberal Senator for South Australia. He was to hold the seat until his death eighteen years later. In 1967-1968 Laught chaired the senate select committee appointed to enquire into the metric system of weights and measures. At that time, Australia used Imperial weights and measures, though 75 per cent of its exports went to countries that used the metric system. After hearing evidence in all capital cities from 141 witnesses, and considering written submissions from 54 persons and organisations, the committee unanimously agreed that it was practical and desirable for Australia to adopt the metric system at the earliest possible date. Laught did not live to see the passing of the Metric Conversion Act, enabling the creation of the Metric Conversion Board, in 1970.

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