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June Dally Watkins

b. 1927

June Dally-Watkins (b. 1927), model and deportment school proprietor, grew up on a property at Watson's Creek in the New England district of New South Wales. After suffering many insults as the daughter of a single mother, as a teenager she was noticed on a Tamworth street by a photographer, who encouraged her to move to Sydney and try her luck at modelling. She describes herself as 'looking like a milkmaid' at the time she scored her first assignments for major department stores, but she was named Model of the Year in 1949. In 1950 she established the June Dally-Watkins School, which has since trained over 300 000 students in deportment and etiquette. She later established Australia's first modelling agency and a business college. Famously romanced by actor Gregory Peck during a visit to Rome in the 1950s, she returned to Australia to continue her career, marry and raise four children. Her autobiography The secrets behind my smile was published in 2002.

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