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Hugh Adamson

b. 1952

Hugh Adamson, a long-time resident of Adelaide, taught art for fifteen years at high schools and ran a graphics business for twenty-five years before turning to painting full-time. He is a prolific artist; the range of his work is manifest on his website. He states:

‘People and what they are doing has always been fascinating to me and is a major part of what is in my artwork. I consider the depiction of the human form to be the pinnacle and greatest challenge in art. And I am discovering that it is the passion and vitality of life that I want to capture in my paintings. So I use acrylics because they allow me to “underpaint”, then quickly, dry or semi-dry to “overpaint” in transparent colour or opaque. Multiple outline and form enables me to suggest the vibrancy and energy of living, moving things. People are a major focus of my paintings. Those moments of total absorption and passion with which people do things. The people depicted are not stationary, but moving and vital. They are alert and passionate. The colour and texture, the rhythm and the composition built up through vigorous paint application aim to capture some special moments.’

Adamson was a finalist in the Waterhouse Prizes of 2012 and 2013.

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