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Henry Mayer

1919 – 1991

Henry Mayer (1919-1991) was Professor of Government at Sydney University from the 1960s to 1980s. A Dunera Boy, Mayer was a student of Peter Herbst and Kurt Baier. At Sydney University, Mayer taught many who went on to exercise a significant impact on media and communications policy and practice in Australia. Mayer's books include the five-volume Australian Politics: A reader (1967-1980), Marx, Engels and Australia (1964), Labor to power: Australia's 1972 election (1973) and Dilemmas in Mass Media Policies (1977). Mayer instigated the journal Media International Australia (MIA) in 1976. Until his death in May 1991 he was variously its editor, chairman of its editorial board, editor of its books and international section, and academic editor. In addition, he wrote hundreds of reviews of books and periodicals, gathered information for his 'Read and Noted' section, solicited articles, wrote articles, kept abreast of current research and maintained a huge network of contributors. For the journal to continue after Mayer's surprise death in May 1991, no fewer than seven editors had to be brought together to cover the range of his knowledge and efforts.

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