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General Eva Burrows AC AO

1929 – 2015

General Eva Burrows AC (1929-2015) was at one time the world leader of the Salvation Army. Her parents were both Salvation Army officers, and she was commissioned in 1951, after completing an arts degree at Queensland University. She worked for many years in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) before becoming the principal of the Army’s international officers’ college in London. From 1977 she combined spiritual and administrative leadership as a ‘territorial commander’ in Sri Lanka, Scotland and southern Australia. She became General and World Leader in 1986. Burrows was the second woman to hold the position of General; under the Army’s constitution her term should have expired in 1991, but she was persuaded by international leaders to stay on until her retirement in 1993. During this time she led the Salvation Army back into Eastern Europe. Following her retirement she was the International Champion of the ‘Be A Hero’ campaign and sat on the board of the International Bible Society.

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