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Danelle Bergstrom

b. 1957

Danelle Bergstrom (b. 1957) was born in Sydney. She studied art and art education at the Julian Ashton school (1974-1979) and at Alexander Mackie CAE. She has been teaching in public and private schools ever since. She has lectured at Macquarie University and for four years was department head in a private design college. She won the Archibald Packing Room Prize in 1995 with a portrait of Jon English, was a finalist in the Doug Moran Prize in 1996 for Live in hope - portrait of Jacqueline Gillespie and was an Archibald finalist in 2001 with The Portrait and the Painter - John Firth-Smith and in 2003 with a triptych portrait of Margaret Olley.

Updated 2018