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Charles Woolley

1834 – 1922

Charles Alfred Woolley (1834-1922), photographer and sketcher, ran a studio on Macquarie Street in Hobart from 1859 to 1870, producing numerous portraits along with views and stereographs of Hobart and surrounding areas. But he is perhaps best known for his photographs of the surviving Oyster Cove Aborigines - including Trukanini and William Lanne - taken in August 1866 and exhibited at the Intercolonial Exhibition in Melbourne later that year. Engravings of the photographs later appeared in publications and were exhibited by Woolley again in the 1870s. Several sets of the prints survive, including some in anthropological collections in London and Oxford. In Australia, Woolley's work is represented in a number of collections including the National Library and the State Libraries of New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria.

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