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Charles Wheeler

1881 – 1977

Charles Wheeler OBE (1881-1977), artist, was born in New Zealand and came to Australia as a boy. He trained as an artist at the Working Men's College and the NGV School. During WWI he served with the Royal Fusiliers in France, winning the Distinguished Conduct Medal at Vimy in 1916. He exhibited at the Royal Academy in London and the Paris Salon before returning to Melbourne, where he taught at the Melbourne Tech School and the NGV School. He became drawing master at the NGV School in 1935; from 1939 to 1945 he was painting master and Head of the School. He soon became well-known for his nudes and portraits, winning the Archibald Prize in 1933 for a portrait of the popular Melbourne-based writer Ambrose Pratt. He continued painting well into his old age, turning late in life to impressionistic landscapes.

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