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Bruce Petty

b. 1929

Bruce Petty is best known as one of Australia's most influential political cartoonists. Petty began working for the Owen Brothers animation studio in Melbourne in 1949 before leaving in 1955 to work overseas. His satirical cartoons were published in The New Yorker, Esquire and Punch. On his return to Australia, he worked for the Bulletin and The Australian before joining The Age in 1976. Petty's work as an illustrative journalist has taken him to many of the world's trouble spots including Vietnam, Timor and Pakistan, as well as to the United States for first-hand coverage of the Presidential elections. He successfully translated his humour, anti-conformist political views and fascination with the machinations of society in newsprint and screen, with animated films such as Australian History (1970), Marx (1981), the Academy Award-winning Leisure (1976), Money (1998), This Mad Century (1999), Human Contraptions (2002) and Global Haywire (2007). Bruce Petty remains a regular contributor of political cartoons to The Age.

Updated 2018