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Ben Baker

Born in Adelaide and raised in Darwin, Ben Baker currently resides in New York City and works internationally. After being rejected by his local TAFE, Baker pursued a career in photography through practical experience, starting off as a studio assistant in Adelaide photographing wine bottles. By age 19, Baker had a job in Sydney with advertising photographer Simon Harsent. Four days after arriving in New York City in 1988, he began working for photographer Annie Leibovitz; he undertook further projects with Mark Seliger, Mary Ellen Mark, and Harry Benson. Since starting to work independently Baker has shot more than 30 national and international magazine covers, and has contributed regularly to magazines including Newsweek, Time, ELLE, New York Magazine, Wired, Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone. His 2000 solo exhibition of portraits taken in Peru and Bolivia, Taquile Ayllu, was well received.

Updated 2018