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Andree Rosenfeld

1934 – 2008

Andrée Rosenfeld (1934–2008), archaeologist, was born in Belgium, the daughter of two scientists. Moving to Manchester with her family after the war, she completed an MA and a PhD in science before gaining a curatorial position at the British Museum. During the same period she delivered lectures for and mentored students in the Anthropology Department at University College London, published her first book, 'The Inorganic Raw Materials of Antiquity' (1965), and co-wrote the enduringly influential 'Paleolithic Cave Art' (1967). She then moved to Australia, taking up a teaching position with the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology at the ANU in 1973. From this time until her retirement in 1997, she undertook and initiated groundbreaking research into Aboriginal rock art, authoring, co-authoring and editing texts such as 'Rock Art Conservation in Australia' (1985) and 'Early Man in North Queensland: art and archaeology in the Laura area' (1981); assisting in the founding the Australian Rock Art Research Association in 1983; and contributing significantly to the establishment of the subject as a serious focus for scholarship. In retirement she lived in Queensland and pursued her interest in textiles and design.

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