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Cormac and Callum, 2008

by Ingvar Kenne

National Photographic Portrait Prize 2009 Winner

Cormac and Callum, 2008

Winner, National Photographic Portrait Prize 2009

This portrait is yet another collaboration with my mates - Cormac and Callum. I regularly take their portrait (as fathers do). This time, as always, as much is asked of my negotiation skills as of those as a photographer. The idea needs to go through the process of several prewarnings about the upcoming session. I discuss time needed, amount of frames and that they need to be still. And that there might be a treat at the other side. Only then am I given enough of their precious time. Fair enough. With all my subjects, I give myself strict boundaries of composition, lighting and choice of camera / film. Each individual is painted with the same brush, without help of retouching, regardless of fame or obscurity. My aim is to minimise the subject's acquired, and inevitable awareness of self when asked to be photographed. Less is always showing me more.

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