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Carol sewing, 2008

by Greg Weight

National Photographic Portrait Prize 2009 Finalist

Carol sewing, 2008

While exploring the landscape along the East MacDonnell Ranges in Central Australia researching for our next exhibition, Carol Ruff and I found an old Government cottage in the historical precinct of Arltunga, 100km east of Alice Springs. Carol stepped into the empty stone room of the cottage and I noticed how the play of light on her face captured the fundamental mood that pervades many classical paintings, in particular the portraiture of the Golden Age of Dutch art. Carol is of Dutch / Javanese ancestry. The Javanese batik fabric she stitches and the colonial context of the cottage, bring her heritage and her culture into this portrait. The work of Johannes Vermeer is noted here in the suspended motion of the figure. This is a moment of heightened awareness when time stands still.

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