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Down to Earth Dreams, 2006

by Jamie Carle, Jill Climpson, Renee Farthing, Brady Gilchrist, Jackelyn Hughes, Emily Marchant, Bernadette McShane, Sarah O’Callaghan, Guy Piltz

Down to Earth Dreams, 2006

Yr. 7 St. Anne’s Central School, Temora
synthetic polymer paint on canvas

Our place is the earth and sky.  We have a strong connection to the country and big hopes and dreams.  We are truly grounded and attached to the land; we feel we are part of it.  We are a farming community who understand the impact of drought and look to the sky for rain to nourish our dry land which supports our community.  With our heads in the clouds we dream of the future.  Our sky has the only flying Spitfire in Australia.  It shows we can look to the past to fly into the future and that anything is possible.

Headspace 7