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Express Yourself

Saturday 24 March until Sunday 2 September 2018
Rosie Batty, 2017 by Nikki Toole
Rosie Batty, 2017 by Nikki Toole

This exhibition celebrates Australians whose unique life experiences symbolise social and cultural forces. Uncompromising individuality defines them. The portraits are drawn from the National Portrait Gallery’s collection of contemporary photography and drawing.

The portraits attest to the facility of photographic portraiture to convey compelling psychological depth.

The exhibition features a newly-commissioned portrait of Rosie Batty by photographer Nikki Toole. Because of her traumatic personal experience, Rosie is recognised as a spokesperson for combatting domestic violence. Rosie Batty was Australian of the Year in 2015.

Please note that the exhibition includes photographs of Indigenous Australians who are now deceased.