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This is what defines me

by Donna

This 3 minute digital film is in tribute to my grandmother who was involved in all aspects of my life up until she passed away, even though she lived in Queensland and I lived in Canberra, it felt like she was not very far away at all, I always went to her for advice and talked to her about my problems...

My Grandmother now passed. She was a very important person in my life. My Grandmother Dawn and Grandfather Bob made me make an important choice in my life at the age of 12, that would define my life today. To stay in QLD and become a troublesome child, with next to no aspirations, or opportunities for the future. Or move to the Act to better my life with better opportunities and life choices. To become the person she knew I could always be. That one defining life decision has made me be the person I am today. This moment defined me, to become an achiever, trying my best in all things I do, a great mother and wife and an attitude in helping others around me.

My passion in helping animals and children.

I thank my Grandmother and Grandfather for making me make one of the hardest decisions at such a young age. It made me a better person, and I have taken many opportunities to be the person she always imagined I could be, and who is that person... me This is why my family is important to me. I still involve my grandmother in all parts of my life and talk to her often, as I did when she was here advice, on many things, from school choices, the birth of my children and problems I may be having in my everyday life. I know she looks down and is proud of what I have become with that one life changing decision, I made at the tender age of 12, till now at 36, till many more memories and achievements in the future, with my family, and my children's families.