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Portrait School 2019

Visiting the National Portrait Gallery
Video: 1 minute

Welcome to Portrait School at the National Portrait Gallery, where your students will discover Australia’s most creative and innovative thinkers and achievers. The School’s programs are designed to be dynamic and participatory, encouraging collaboration and critical thinking through close engagement with the Gallery’s portraits.

Whilst programs are cross-curricular in nature, the following themes are emphasised: Visual art; Civics and citizenship; English; History; and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander activism. We also offer a new critical thinking program, Visual Thinking Strategies™.

Every facilitated program at the Portrait Gallery is led by a passionate, professional Learning Facilitator who holds a Working with Vulnerable People registration. The programs they lead comprise a variety of creative activities that cater for different learning preferences.

All programs are available Monday to Friday, 10.00am - 4:30pm. 90 minute programs can be shortened to 60 minutes on request. Teachers must stay with their students during the program.

Portrait School 2019 programs and fees

Choose from six topic areas – Visual art, Civics and citizenship, English, History, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander activism and Visual Thinking Strategies – at the level right for your students.

The following prices are in AUD for Australian schools. International schools please contact us at for pricing.

Preschool, Foundation and Year 1 60 minutes $3 per student
Years 2 and 3 60 minutes $3 per student
Years 4, 5 and 6 90 minutes $3 per student
Years 7, 8 and 9 90 minutes $3 per student
Years 10, 11 and 12 90 minutes $3 per student
Tertiary 60 minutes $3 per student

NOTE: In some instances, visits to the National Portrait Gallery can count for PACER rebate purposes when booking a Civics and citizenship or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander program. See information on alternative arrangements to apply when your school cannot book into either MOAD or the National Electoral Education Centre.


Workshop - full day 6 hours $40 per student
Workshop - half day 3 hours $20 per student
Super selfie 2 hours $15 per student
Head Hunt! 60 minutes free*
Virtual Excursion 60 minutes free

*Specifically designed for years 5-8 and ESL students.