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Finding your "nit-che", a story of ambition

by Angela

This film is for the students and teachers that I work with through the Education Outreach program, Student Equity, The Australian National University. The story is about my aspirations and is a reflection of my values.

A few years ago a distant relative came to visit us, she was from the country and had a pretty funny way of speaking. And she was talking to us about our futures and she said 'Look Ange, don't worry about it, you just have to find your "nit-che"'.

I realised later that she meant I have to find my niche. So I guess that's what my story's about.

I think my values are linked to working with young people. Teaching young people and communicating with young people. In that way I think they're more than linked, they simultaneously strengthen each other. Growing up, I think I had an excellent education, in that I'm not trying to say that I was always excellent, but I had always the chance to be excellent at something. And I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have a good education. One where their teachers show kindness and leadership and creativity and that they're passionate about conveying knowledge.

There isn't a specific moment when I knew that teaching was for me, it's more a feeling I get when I think about memories, or when I'm going to do some volunteer teaching. It's these feelings that make me determined to start a masters in teaching next year and to know that regardless of the outcome I'm starting out in the right direction.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm not sure if I've found my "nit-che" yet, um... but it's exciting to think about anyway.