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Late night opening

Fridays in summer

Friday 29 January 2016

The National Portrait Gallery will be open until 8pm on Friday nights from 8 January through to 26 February. We will have special tours through our spooky summer exhibition Sideshow Alley: infamy, the macabre and the portrait and a variety of performances throughout the summer.

Sex, murder and mayhem tours
5:30–6pm | 6.30–7pm
Exhibition ticket required

Songs to die for
The die is cast, as comedy cabaret duo Shortis and Simpson present Songs to Die For, a musical exploration of society’s morbid fascination with criminals and death.
6–6.35pm | 7–7.35pm

Dark spectacle 
San Diego-based projection artist Xavier Vasquez live-mixes visuals to the immersive electronic music of Die Mißbildungen Des Menschen (The Deformities of the Human). 
5–6pm | 6.35–7pm | 7.35–8pm