WEBVTT Kind: captions Language: en 00:00:02.980 --> 00:00:10.120 The journey to being a director is a strange set of – I was going to say accidents, but chances. 00:00:10.120 --> 00:00:17.640 It's always difficult, when you're the first of anything. One of the announcements 00:00:17.640 --> 00:00:27.099 of me was "58-year-old mother of four takes top job" and I thought "Blow". What has a mother 00:00:27.099 --> 00:00:31.220 of four got to do with this job?" 00:00:31.220 --> 00:00:36.930 The whole institution had been started by James Mollison. He'd done a wonderful job, 00:00:36.930 --> 00:00:43.280 I have to say. But they'd known nothing else. For a long time they were just in a little 00:00:43.280 --> 00:00:49.190 warehouse at Fyshwick, having a marvellous time. Every time a new painting came in they'd 00:00:49.190 --> 00:00:57.280 crack a bottle of champagne. I couldn't emulate that. 00:00:57.280 --> 00:01:04.290 I felt very strongly that the Natioal Gallery in Canberra had to be known across the land. 00:01:04.290 --> 00:01:13.020 And we would be known across the land if we put on events that attracted attention. So 00:01:13.020 --> 00:01:19.870 that's why I became known as – in a pejorative way – Betty Blockbuster. Some of the curators 00:01:19.870 --> 00:01:28.240 were wanting to just speak to other curators. I wanted to speak to the population at large. 00:01:28.240 --> 00:01:36.010 And I was thinking well what we can't buy we can borrow. We couldn't buy a whole lot 00:01:36.010 --> 00:01:45.230 of Rubens and Caravaggios and Carraccis etc... but we could borrow them. And that first exhibition 00:01:45.230 --> 00:01:53.840 we put on, 'Rubens and the Italian Renaissance', was such an outstanding success that that 00:01:53.840 --> 00:01:56.680 won a lot of them over. 00:01:58.980 --> 00:02:05.240 So I remember standing in the galleries and some really loutish-looking lads, you know, 00:02:05.240 --> 00:02:11.879 of about 19 or 20 with, you know, with their sort of bands, and "Cor..." they said, "this 00:02:11.879 --> 00:02:17.819 is pretty good isn't it?" you know and I thought "Great." That's got those boys in. They would 00:02:17.819 --> 00:02:21.560 never set foot in a gallery otherwise. 00:02:21.560 --> 00:02:29.780 My success in everything I've done has relied on me spotting the people that can thrive 00:02:29.780 --> 00:02:37.670 and then giving them all the assistance and support and praise that I possibly can. Their 00:02:37.670 --> 00:02:43.690 success was my success. I floated up to the top with them.