WEBVTT Kind: captions Language: en 00:00:11.660 --> 00:00:16.309 When Frank came home and said John Brack's agreed to do your portrait I was 00:00:16.309 --> 00:00:21.590 'oh, what am I going to look like...' When i look at my portrait I see somebody who 00:00:21.590 --> 00:00:27.110 likes fashion, that dress was a gorgeous dress, sadly the moths got to it, and the 00:00:27.110 --> 00:00:31.910 jewelry is attractive, and I see me and it is me I'm a bossy lady and I 00:00:31.910 --> 00:00:37.100 look like a bossy lady. I'm always angry about something or upset about 00:00:37.100 --> 00:00:41.420 something people ask me about how many letters I've written and I'm incredibly 00:00:41.420 --> 00:00:46.820 famous for my letter writing. When you write one every day, it's a lot. Well I 00:00:46.820 --> 00:00:50.930 wrote one this week about the crossword because he had a stupid word in it that 00:00:50.930 --> 00:00:54.890 I didn't agree with and I couldn't find it in my dictionary so that moved me to 00:00:54.890 --> 00:00:58.969 write a letter. Not only that it moved me to start tearing the Herald up 00:00:58.969 --> 00:01:03.890 into little strips and putting the strips in my mulch heap because I needed 00:01:03.890 --> 00:01:12.200 some dry matter and it's perfect! Gave me such pleasure. I had it 3ft high! I don't really 00:01:12.200 --> 00:01:18.110 think that I had much particular purpose in life except to have fun and I suppose 00:01:18.110 --> 00:01:22.880 it's not very good as it's rather selfish but I like other people to have fun at the 00:01:22.880 --> 00:01:28.910 same time. Frank my husband said, always, you can do anything if you really want 00:01:28.910 --> 00:01:36.649 now that to me is a purpose. I started work when I was 47 and I had well a 00:01:36.649 --> 00:01:41.119 brilliant career I'm very proud of being a battler for Kelly's bush and part of 00:01:41.119 --> 00:01:46.459 the green ban. I'm proud of being a battler for mammography and being part of 00:01:46.459 --> 00:01:52.450 the national breast cancer screening program and that to me is my legacy