WEBVTT Kind: captions Language: en 00:00:12.300 --> 00:00:18.460 My mother had been a schoolteacher. She taught us to be inventive, to create 00:00:18.460 --> 00:00:25.960 things. I went to art lessons and learned how to draw, to paint and then it was 00:00:25.960 --> 00:00:31.449 time to go to music lessons and I naturally thought I was supposed to 00:00:31.449 --> 00:00:38.080 write music. So, I went home after my first lesson and struggled away writing 00:00:38.080 --> 00:00:43.330 music and went back to my teacher the following week with my piece and she was 00:00:43.330 --> 00:00:48.580 so furious that she caned me across the knuckles and said I had to stop that 00:00:48.580 --> 00:00:53.890 because all the composers were dead and that was that. So I wrote it under the 00:00:53.890 --> 00:00:59.379 bedclothes for a year with a torch at night and I loved doing it really and 00:00:59.379 --> 00:01:05.770 also it was like my secret, after all 'all the composers were dead' so I was being a 00:01:05.770 --> 00:01:11.860 composer and I found that exciting. One night my parents discovered me and they 00:01:11.860 --> 00:01:17.260 said that's fine if that's what I wanted to do. They didn't treat it 00:01:17.260 --> 00:01:23.100 as being anything special which is good because if they had I might have stopped. 00:01:23.100 --> 00:01:30.510 Before Eric's painting most portraits by other artists that were done of me 00:01:30.510 --> 00:01:34.390 tended to be rather dark and expressionistic 00:01:34.390 --> 00:01:40.840 whereas Eric's painting brings in the Sun and there's no anger there because 00:01:40.840 --> 00:01:44.470 I'm not an angry person anyway it's a real painting of me 00:01:44.470 --> 00:01:51.520 oh, it captures my heart, my soul, my spirit 00:01:51.520 --> 00:01:56.560 my music, everything.