A portrait of explorer and colonial administrator, Sir George Grey, by artist Theresa Walker, created in 1845. It is a cast wax medallion mounted in a circular wooden frame, measuring 19 cm in height and width.

Grey's profile from the chest up is depicted in a similar style to an ancient coin, embossed in creamy off-white wax relief. He faces to the left. His hair is thick with a slight wave, swept up off his forehead and cropped short at the back with sizable sideburns in the fashion of the time. He has a high forehead, strong nose and full lips over a defined chin. His jacket has a rigid, high collar up to his chin, epaulettes on the shoulders and neat buttons down the front, suggesting an official uniform.

Light touching the high relief areas creates a bright sheen of white across the forehead, bridge of the nose and buttons on his jacket.

Capitalised text around the top half of this medallion reads: THE PORTS OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA DECLARED FREE, with text at the base of the medallion reading: July 3rd 1845. The wax piece is positioned in a thin circle of lightly tarnished gold within a circular frame of dark brown polished wood. There is a small metal ring in the top centre for display.

Audio description written and voiced by Alana Sivell, 2021