This black and white photograph of Chinese-Australian contemporary artist, Lindy Lee, was taken by Greg Weight in 2003, and is 45cm tall by 33cm wide.

The portrait is exclusively the right side of Lindy Lee’s face, in profile. The background, along the top and right edges of the photograph, it is dark, with a hint of light suggesting several large folds in a matt fabric.

Lindy’s black hair almost blends into the rear of the portrait, except for a faint halo, revealing her hair’s texture, a subtle sheen, illuminates single, delicate, blunt strands.

Lindy’s haircut is geometric. She has a long blunt fringe covering her brow. The back of her hair is cut short, levelled ruler-straight, concealing most of her ear, the lobe just peeping out. The hair beneath has been shaved, the detail of each tiny hair follicle visible in the photograph.

The silhouette of Lindy’s face is emphasised; her smooth, pale skin in striking contrast with her black hair and surrounds. Her right eye is shut, short, dark eyelashes frame the closed lid. Her rounded nose slopes gently down, and her unremarkable, closed lips are painted with striking, dark lipstick.

In the bottom left of the photograph a glimpse of a delicate metal chain around her neck, caught just in the frame it follows the angle of her nape, sloping towards the front.

Audio description written by Lucie Shawcross and voiced by Rory Walker