The portrait of artist Rosalie Gascoigne by Greg Weight, 1993, is a black and white photograph. It is 45.5 centimetres high by 35.6 centimetres wide. A silver gelatin print, a process which produces deep velvety tones.

Rosalie is a mature woman standing in a back yard in front of a shoulder height wooden fence with a large tree behind it. In front of Rosalie is a large wooden window frame that creates an internal framing edge on the bottom and sides of the picture. The top edge of the window is not connected to anything, and the tree and sky continue above it.

The window frame is divided into quarters with Rosalie’s face appearing in the upper left quadrant and the trunk of her body in the lower left quadrant. A large piece of old corrugated iron hangs across the right-hand side of the window like a curtain, its bottom edge finishing about three quarters of the way down the window. The iron is bent and dented, punctured with nail holes and grime, its lower edge slightly curved, rising towards the left where it meets the frame.

Rosalie has thick short light-coloured hair that sits in a sweeping wave across her forehead and tucks behind her ears. She has deep set hooded eyes and is wearing large glasses with light-coloured frames. Her right cheek is slightly lifted, her lips are together, and a tentative smile plays around the right corner of her mouth. She wears a black and white boldly patterned shirt underneath a dark round-necked heavy knit jumper.

Audio description script written by Krysia Kitch and voiced by Kate Matthews